Cancelled – Upcoming Punjabi Mela 2022

Gur Fateh!  

In view of the growing concerns of the Corona virus related health issues, SACVI has decided to cancel this year’s Punjabi Mela in the better interest of community health. We would like to be good stewards of the community and this step is taken as a precautionary measure. While we are cancelling the mela, we may suggest there is no need to panic and keep a watch for the notifications from Va Dept of Health as well as CDC. We sincerely thank all of you who have performed selfless sewa over the years and even this year. We will notify you all if we plan another event later this year once the threat of Corona virus is over. Sorry for this disappointing news but have to demonstrate via our actions that we care for rest of the community. Let us pray to Waheguru for ‘Sarbat da Bhala’.

 Regards Bimaljit S Sandhu