Punjabi Mela 2024

Gur Fateh!  

We are pleased to announce that the 19th Annual “Punjabi Mela will be held on April 20, 2024, at the Main Street Station, Richmond. 

While we showcase and celebrate our culture with community at large, the funds raised by generous contributions from our sponsors, enables us to do philanthropic activities across the greater Richmond area. Our goal this year is to support state government’s initiative on workforce development. We intend to provide scholarships for vocational training to Richmond Public Schools system and other priority areas identified by the state administration.  We would appreciate if you could spread the word about the Punjabi Mela with the local community.
While active participation is needed in the cultural program, we also need help in raising funds to support our mission. Please come forward and make donations and also reach out to vendors and your workplace for making donations to support our mission. We have attached the Mela flier and the form to make donations. 
Please reach out to cultural committee and executive committee members for more information.
Details of event and location:
Event Name:   Festival of North India (PUNJABI MELA 2024)
Location:  1500 E. Main Street, Main Street Station, Richmond, VA
Date and Time: Saturday, April 20, 2024, from 11.00AM- 8.00PM
We need active and enthusiastic participation from you all to make this a successful event for the entire community.
Guru Rakha
Executive Committee