Responsibilities for Langar Sewa

Write a check of $250.00 to “SACVI” for Langar sewa, that includes facility usage, cost of disposable goods and gas used for Langar preparation. Give the check to Bhai Kuljit Singh ji on the day of Langar, who will provide you a receipt for Langar Sewa.

Langar Duties: Below mentioned is expected from the Langar Sewadars

  • Consult Bhai Kuljit Singh ji or Mrs. Balwinder K. Kang before Langar Sewa to determine what and how much groceries are needed. Please see basic list of groceries provided to you on next page.
  • DO NOT FRY ANYTHING INSIDE THE KITCHEN. If needed, you can fry stuff under the shed outside the kitchen in the designated area. Please bring your own small gas cylinder. 
  • Distribute all left over Langar.
  • Clean all Pots, Pans and other utensils, Dry and put them away.
  • Clean counters, sweep and Mop Kitchen.
  • Turn Off all stoves.
  • Clean clear plastic Mats with Damp cloth and roll them.
  • Vacuum Langar Hall and Upstairs Main Hall.
  • Clean Bathrooms Downstairs and Upstairs.
  • Remove all trash from Kitchen, Bathrooms and Upstairs trash cans. Place new liners in all of them.
  • Take all trash to Dumpster close to Parking near the kitchen.
  • Take all your belongings with you.
Make sure everything looks Clean & Shining and put away in its place.  You can get help from friends and family but ultimately it is your duty to complete the job.

Estimated Rasad for Langar

150 – 200 People

Please adjust for Special Events – Gurpurab, Lohri, Vaisakhi etc (250-300 People)

Daal 16 lbs
Vegetables 45 0 50 lbs
Rice 1 bag (10 lbs)
Milk 6 Gallons – Yogurt 4 gallons rest for tea
Dessert Kheer or Sevian – 3 gallons
Cooking Oil (NO PEANUT OIL PLEASE) 1 Gallon
Onions 15 lbs
Achaar (Mix onion in it to serve) 2 cans
Butter 5 lbs
Sugar 5 lbs
Atta 2 bags (20 lbs each)
Tea Bags 1 box
Salt, Pepper, Garam Masala, Roasted Zeera  
Optional Salad, Fresh coriander, Cookies, Juices for Snacks
Rotis Make 400

Additional Information

Bhai Sahib will prepare Parshaad If you come 8 am Sunday, Langar can be ready by 11.30am depends on experience and number of people available to help especially for Roties Please don’t hesitate to Call with any Questions

Bhai Sahib — 804-271-1771 or 804-484-0081

Mrs. Balwinder Kang – – – 804- 378-5058 or 804-338-7049