Gurmat Camp

We are excited to announce that the annual Gurmat Camp will be restarting this year (2022)!!! This year we will be emphasizing important festivals in Sikh History and what it means to be a part of the sangat. 


  • It will be held in the week of Monday July 25- Friday July 29 from 8: 30 am – 5: 15 pm, with a program led by the children the following Sunday!

  • The fees will be $25 for one camper and $40 for two signed up together. 

  • Sign-Ups are through the Google form found here.

  • Payment is due the first morning of Camp. 

  • Google Form to Sign up:

    (Please sign up each camper individually)

This is a short list of what the kids will be learning this summer:

  • Kirtan 

  • Gurmukhi

  • History 

  • Basic tenants of Sikhi

  • Gurbani

We are so excited to be restarting this tradition!  Rishma, Sukhmani, and Yashnoor