Decorating Gurughar is a very noble thing to do. We truly appreciate the sentiments that everyone has while thinking of making an effort to make Gurdwara Sahib as beautiful as your own homes.

However, as a result of our Sangat’s generosity, we have been given many items that the Gurduwara Sahib already had.  There are many things that now sit, un-utilized. This includes flower vases, cleaning supplies, kitchen supplies, kitchen utensils etc.

Additionally, SACVI requests that the Sangat please NOT bring “Rumalas” either. We understand, it can be a very emotional and heartfelt gesture, but we are at the point of overflowing with Rumalas that will only sit in a closet, un-utilized. We simply request that if you would like to offer Rumala to Guru Granth Sahib Ji, please consult Bhai Ji Kuljit Singh, before buying a new set and he can provide you with a set to offer.

In lieu of these donations, we please ask that the Sangat give donations in the form of Checks/Cash.  This allows us to purchase any necessary item for the Gurdwara that we would otherwise need to use SACVI funds for.

In order to bring uniformity, convenience, and minimize wasted resources, we committee members request the Sangat to please call and consult the members before bringing any kind of donations for Gurdwara Sahib.

Thank you.

With Regards,

Your sewadars: (Committee Members)

Parminder K. Grewal: 804-514-0915

Pinki K. Khokhar:  804-218-3455

Harleen K. Sodhi:  804-502-3086