Current, 2020  - Opening of Sunay Deewan Notice 2020
Guru Pyari Saadh Sangat Ji,

WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

We hope that you and your families are healthy and well.  We sincerely appreciate your patience and support during these tough times due to the Covid 19 pandemic. With Waheguru’s blessing, Gurughar is now open at 50% occupancy (50 people in Diwan hall) from 11:30AM to 12:30PM. This is per the mandate by the Governor that we open to our 50 % occupancy.  While this is a step forward and good news, this requires a lot of cooperation and support from the entire sangat. We all have to be very careful and responsible to ensure that nobody gets exposed.

We have come up with following guidelines to follow in order to have a safe Sunday diwan. We would keep a track of the events and monitor everything closely to ensure safety of everyone. We will change the guidelines as per the advice from the Department of Health and as the situation warrants. Your safety is our first priority!

Guidelines for opening Gurughar for Sunday Diwan:

1. We strongly recommend that each member of Sangat honestly decides to stay at home if they have any symptoms like cough, fever, bodyaches or other symptoms and seek medical attention. If there is any possible exposure to someone who is Covid 19 positive, we ask you to self quarantine at home and NOT visit Gurughar.

2. Everyone MUST wear a mask at all times when you enter Gurughar. Please make sure that the mask should be covering your face and nose. DONOT remove the mask while talking.

3. Good hand hygiene with proper hand washing and/or sanitizing is mandatory before entry into the Gurughar.

4. We would allow 50 people in the diwan hall (50% capacity) at a given time. We humbly request you to strictly follow social distancing and sit on marked areas. Families are encouraged to sit together. 

5. After you have paid your respect to Guru Granth Sahibji, please sit on the available marked areas only. If no open space at marked areas is available, please go to langar hall and sit on the marked spots only.
If no spots are available in langar hall as well, we humbly ask you to leave the Gurughar and sit in your car and wait for someone to come out. Our sewadars will let you know if we have no open spots. Please understand that we are trying to enforce this for your safety. We humbly ask the sangat members who have been in the diwan hall for some time to voluntarily leave and make room for others to have the opportunity to listen to Gurbani. 

6. Langar (communal meal) will be prepared by selected team members only. Langar will be packed in boxes and placed on the table outside for all to take it on their way home.

7. Kadhah parshaad would be prepared in the morning and packed in zip lock bags to be picked up by individuals and families.

8. We will have a short diwan service from 11:30AM to 12:30PMand will strictly enforce it. This is because the data suggests that longer we stay in crowded closed places where singing is involved, higher is the risk of infection.

9. We will do the cleaning after the diwan keeping in mind the sanitization guidelines from CDC.

Saadh sangat ji, please understand that we have come up with these guidelines to ensure that you all can safely visit Gurughar and benefit from Gurbani. Our first and foremost goal here is ’Safety of Everyone”. Please share your suggestions or concerns via email or a phone call so that we can understand, address them and learn from your advice. Let us all work together to ensure that our Gurughar and sangat are a 'role model' for safe practice of religion. May Waheguru bless the entire humankind and give us wisdom and courage to fight this pandemic.

Guru Rakha

Executive Committee


       June 3, 2020  - Cancellation of Sunay Deewan Notice 2020


Guru Pyari Sadh Sangat ji,

We have been reviewing the situation around the state after the partial re-opening of some business and religious places. Based upon the emerging data, we have decided that we should POSTPONE the regular Sunday Diwan services for 2 more weeks. We will remain closed till June 15th. However, if you or your family intends to visit to pay respect, please do so following proper precautions as recommended by CDC and State Health department which includes but are not limited to using a face mask, adequate hand hygiene and social distancing. We are doing this to protect everyone in Sangat as well as Bhai Sahibji and his family. 
We humbly request you to continue to stay connected with Gurbani via our Facebook live services and would also request you all to participate by submitting a video clip of kirtan by your family or talk on Guru Sahiban and Bhagat Ji’s.

We have also been working on getting the flooring of the langar hall redone and hope to get completed on this project by end of this week. Please let us know if anyone if facing hardships due to heath or business issues from this outbreak. We would try to help out to the best of our potential.
Thanks for understanding and your utmost patience while we deal with this pandemic.

May Waheguru keep everyone healthy and safe.
Guru Rakha

Bimaljit Singh





March 27, 2020  - Cancellation of Sunay Deewan Notice 2020

Gur Fateh!
In view of the growing Corona virus threat, the BOT and Executive committee has decided to cancel the regular diwan and langar Sewa, devices till further notice. Let us all pray for well being of everyone.

Guru Rakha

Executive Committee


March 13, 2020  - Cancellation of Sunay Deewan Notice 2020

Gur Fateh!
In view of the growing Corona virus threat, the BOT and Executive committee has decided to cancel the regular diwan and langar Sewa for next 3 weeks. This is a proactive measure we have taken for well being of everyone.
Those of you who have langar Sewa could look at alternate days in the upcoming months once this threat is over. Gurughar would be open for those who wish to go individually to offer prayers. Please be mindful of keeping the exposure to Bhai Sahib to minimal and follow the common sense precautions as recommended by Va Department of health and CDC.
We will keep you updated via email and post on website of SACVI.
Let us all pray for well being of everyone.
Guru Rakha

Bimaljit S Sandhu


Bhai Kuljit Singh 804-484-0081
Gurdwara Sacvi 804-271-1771
4500 Marty blvd Richmond Va 23234


March 7, 2020  - Cancellation of Punjabi Mela 2020 Notice

Gur Fateh!
In view of the growing concerns of the Corona virus related health issues, SACVI has decided to cancel this year’s Punjabi Mela in the better interest of community health. We would like to be good stewards of the community and this step is taken as a precautionary measure. While we are cancelling the mela, we may suggest there is no need to panic and keep a watch for the notifications from Va Dept of Health as well as CDC.
We sincerely thank all of you who have performed selfless sewa over the years and even this year. We will notify you all if we plan another event later this year once the threat of Corona virus is over. Sorry for this disappointing news but have to demonstrate via our actions that we care for rest of the community.
Let us pray to Waheguru for ‘Sarbat da Bhala’.

Bimaljit S Sandhu



June 26, 2018

Governor of Virginia, Ralph S. Northam, signed a proclamation to recognize a month of June as a month of Sikh Awareness and Appreciation Month.

Click on the link below to find out details.