SACVI Scholarship

The SACVI  Scholarships are intended to provide financial assistance to students wishing to pursue graduate / undergraduate studies in a degree granting institution within the service area of SACVI (this shall include all institutions within Richmond, Charlottesville, Williamsburg, the EVMS, and institutions in Fredericksburg.

  1. All applicants will have to complete an application form; candidates may apply as soon as they begin their course of study.
  2. The Scholarship will be tenable for one year in the first instance with the possibility of renewal in subsequent years. All students who wish to apply for renewal must complete a second application form, as renewal is not automatic.
  3. The Scholarship value shall be determined by the Scholarship Committee in their absolute discretion and may vary due to budget constraints.  Should more funds be available the committee may increase the scope, number of, or amount of each scholarship.
  4. Successful candidates must be full-time students.  Funds from the Scholarship will be paid directly to the University to credit the individual student’s account and will not be given to the student.
  5. An award will only be made if there is a candidate of sufficient merit and has demonstrated a need for assistance.  The successful candidate will regularly keep SACVI Scholarship Committee informed of his/her academic progress during the term of the Scholarship.  Failure to keep the committee apprised of progress may lead to cessation of funding.
  6. The purpose of this Scholarship is to assist young Sikhs.  Preference will be given to students who have a connection with the local Sangat. Financial need will be determined by reference to the Federal Application for Student Financial Aid (FASFA)
  7. Decisions on suitability of candidates will be made by the Scholarship committee of SACVI and there shall be no appeal
  8. The Scholarship Committee may decide to initiate further qualifying programs (e.g service projects, essays, etc.) to qualify students for this program.  The committee may award funds for other educational activities but this will only be done on a case by case basis
  9. International students, and those students not normally residing within the service area of SACVI, may also apply for funds.  However such applications will be entertained only if there are funds available and shall only be for Graduate studies.
  10. No student who is a child or direct relative of a member of the BOT or any committee member of the Scholarship Fund is eligible for aid under this program.  Any such relationship MUST be disclosed at the time of the application
  11. Scholarships shall be awarded once a year and may be awarded in installments.

To apply: